Founder & Managing Director

Chanakya talks about Neha...
She claims she is not as artistic as me but I don’t believe her. She’s more of art evaluator than an artist but that doesn’t make her less artistic. You know it’s something like Steve Jobs didn’t know how to code himself! She is very bold in her critique and that sometimes makes an emotional artist like me hate her, but can’t complain enough as that keep me on run to make you guys happy! As the managing partner at Preach Art, Neha is the one behind the scenes! She manages and keeps a precision check on everything that comes out of Preach Art. She gives her final touch to the photographs, creative designs for stationery and  is the prime editor, designer at Preach Art.

Founder & Creative Director 

Neha talks about Chanakya...
I met him in architecture school some 9 years back and since then he has been confusingly evolving as an artist. The analogy to confusing here is unpredictable! His works shows deep sense of art and philosophy and his interests swings from photography to film, to web to graphic, to lifestyle and what not. His passion for camera and desire for experimentation does all the magic! He would climb a tree, wait for hours, run around and do anything crazy, just to get that perfect shot. With his background in design, experience in photography and filmmaking, Chanakya is the prime photographer, filmmaker and designer at Preach Art.


Artists, rather architects by degree, the husband-wife duo Chanakya & Neha always envisioned their venture as an exploration of art in different fields of design and lifestyle.

"Our fascination with weddings began when we started planning our own wedding! The designer bug in us couldn't really settle for anything “average” whether it was our invite or capturing our big day. We soon realized that we share our frustration with a lot of discerning clientele who aren’t willing to settle for just about anything." 

With Chanakya’s obsession with camera and Neha’s expertise in design, Preach Art was established as a creative studio offering an incomparable range of photo & film services for both social and corporate clients.