Modern and contemporary designs are something that nowadays young couples are looking for in their wedding invitations. Just like most of our clients Prerak and Manali too came to us all exhausted after checking out hundreds of standard wedding invitations readily available in the market.  We calmed them down with a cup of tea at our studio and listened to their problem. In their 15 min of confused talk all that we could pull out was that they wanted something fresh, something that reflected their style.  


We had a longing to experiment with flowers as it play a significant role in weddings and having invitation card designed in a floral theme somewhat gives a blend of traditional elegance with a fresh modern outlook. They loved the idea and decided to go ahead with the floral theme for their wedding. We shared with them some beautiful floral based handmade paper samples and they couldn’t be happier!

Colour Scheme - Pink, White & Gold

Envelope: Handmade paper with real flower (rose, genda & morpankhi) petals with Screen-printed golden floral pattern and pink monogram.

Invite - Elegant pink satin fabric for the invite book with Gold Foil Monogram. Colourful and intriguing invitation leaflets with Gold Screen Printing.

Wedding Invitation Design India - Floral
Custom Wedding Invitation Floral - Prerak & Manali