The old city of Ahmedabad has always been close to our heart. Since our days in Architecture college, we have been regularly visiting the old part of city to explore its vibrant architecture and it never failed to surprise us. Those narrow streets, colorful walls and houses with courtyards truly makes worthy of being a world heritage listClick here to learn more about the Pols of Ahmedabad old city, its heritage, why you must visit it once!

When Varun and Madhu approached us for a pre-wedding shoot, they wanted to shoot at a historic landscape but didn’t want the clichéd couple shoot in traditional attire at some famous historic monument instead they wanted to try something quirky. We had a longing to shoot in the old city of Ahmedabad and when we discussed the idea with them they had an instant yes. 

As architects turned wedding photographers, we always thought of these spaces with a different perspective; the contrast of these spaces where the old heritage is overwritten with today’s lifestyle and wanted to capture that some way. With this pre-wedding shoot, we got a chance to shoot the love of a newly engaged couple amidst the history of one of the oldest heritage city in the world. It was pretty challenging but trust us, totally worth it!

We thought it would be easy to start early morning when the city is still sleeping and the streets are pretty empty and decided to meet at the Swami Narayan temple near Kalupur at sunrise from where the heritage walk starts. Click here to learn about the heritage walk in Ahmedabad old city and why you should definitely take a walk here! 

So our plan was to follow the heritage walk route and shoot at different locations along the way! When we reached there early morning, it was already bustling with locals and street vendors. We have shot at many public places in India before and the people & local authorities have been a real trouble but this one turned out to be a total opposite affair. The people were so supportive that the bike and thela (hand cart) you see the couple riding was of a local vegetable vendor who was about to setup his business and allowed us sometime to use it for the shoot. Also the residents of the houses and the courtyards we shot, were pretty cool with us shooting there.

The location has so much to offer that you just can’t get over of it. We were so mesmerized that we merely walked 500 meters and it was already 2 hours we have been shooting. 

Varun is settled in Australia and came for a very short period to attend his sister’s wedding and getting engaged to Madhu. Even though he is born and brought up in Ahmedabad he never actually visited the old city. So for him it was like seeing the city as a tourist with Madhu and spending some quality time with her. I truly believe that a pre-wedding shoot is more about spending some fun time together while the photographer captures their chemistry of love. 

The couple were very fun loving, full of love, and always ready to try new things. They just loved spending time together (whatever little together time they had in this Varun's short visit to India!)  and that actually brought out the chemistry between them which is also reflected in their photographs. After many years the only photos we can really connect with are the ones that actually capture the essence of who we are in real and thats precisely what we attempted to capture in this pre-wedding shoot!